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Canopy Trees of the West Coast – Franz Josef Kayak Tours

Canopy Trees of the West Coast – Franz Josef Kayak Tours

by | Oct 14, 2023


Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure in the heart of New Zealand’s West Coast rainforest? Join us at Franz Josef Wilderness Tours for an unforgettable journey through the ancient canopy trees of the West Coast: Kahikatea and Rimu. Our guided Kayak & Walk or Kayak Classic tours on Lake Mapourika offer a unique opportunity to explore a Rowi (kiwi) Conservation area nestled among these towering giants.

Canopy Trees of Lake Mapourika

Kahikatea – White Pine

Uncover the Jurassic Roots: Kahikatea trees, dating back to the Jurassic Period, dominate the swampy wetlands, reaching towering heights of over 60 meters. Discover their fascinating history and importance in New Zealand’s ecosystem.

Kahikatea the White Pine on Lake Mapourika

Versatile and Valuable: While European settlers initially undervalued Kahikatea timber, Maori communities recognized its multifaceted usefulness. From crafting spears to creating tattooing pigment, these trees hold deep cultural significance.

Rimu – Red Pine

Guardians of the Forest: Rimu, a common conifer in New Zealand, adorns lowland and lower mountain regions. Slow-growing yet grand, these trees can stand over 50 meters tall, complementing the Kahikatea in the forest canopy.

Rimu Red Pine backdrop and family on a Kayak & Walk Tour

Living Testaments of Time: Some Rimu trees have witnessed over 1000 years of New Zealand’s history. The unique bark patterns, known as watermarks, offer intriguing insights into their age

Canopy Trees and Mountains and Rainforest

An unfortgettable experience awaits…

Our guided Kayak Tours and Scenic Cruises offer an intimate encounter with the natural wonders of Franz Josef:

The Sunset Classic Kayak tour was amazing with breathtaking scenery, up close paddling along the untouched rainforest shores and must be seen to be believed reflections in the lake. All enjoyed with our expert guide. Take the opportunity to experience this incredible tour.…” – GCKayaker, Tripadvisor

Don’t miss this must-do experience around Franz Josef. Book your tour now and embark on an up-close exploration of the captivating West Coast Rainforest.