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Cruise on Lake Mapourika

Cruise on Lake Mapourika

by | Jan 30, 2021

Do something unique on your visit to Glacier Country!  Join a Cruise on Lake Mapourika.  There’s a couple of options, read on to find out more…

The Hanna-K (the tour boat)

The Hanna-k is a custom built tour boat which is uniquely designed to provide comfort in all weather for your Lake Mapourika Cruise.  The enclosed cabin area has large windows on each side which make it a perfect spot to keep warm and dry while still enjoying the scenery outside.

The covered back deck is a wonderful spot to relax with a cuppa.   Our favourite spot onboard is the unique front viewing platform which allows passengers to take a few steps up to a lookout platform.  This allows our skipper to nose the boat into the shoreline to enable great rainforest and birdlife viewing. Lastly, did we mention there’s even an equipped toilet on board?


Scenic Cruise on Lake Mapourika

There’s so much more to Lake Mapourika than what is visible from the iconic Jetty Bay photo stop.  Venture out onto the pristine tannin-stained water which is so dark it creates the most incredible reflections!  Lake Mapourika’s back-drop of the Southern Alps and Glaciers is out of this world!

reflections on lake mapourika

One of the best things about our Cruises is how small and personalized each tour is.  Customers really get to know Dale (owner & skipper).  Dale has been guiding in the region since he was 18 years old.  He’s got an amazing insight being a former glacier guide, he can tell you about all things from the Glaciers to the rainforest and even the trout beneath the water’s surface.  A true kiwi outdoorsman with a passion for the area he chose to proudly call home so many years ago.

Trout, child and skipper

Explore the kiwi conservation area which surrounds Lake Mapourika’s rainforest fringed shorelines.  Dale is always on the lookout for native birds in the trees and eels beneath the surface.  We often see the iconic White Heron (Kotuku) which breed locally in South Westland.  The panoramic views of the Southern Alps and Glaciers are incredible from the back of Lake Mapourika, we often see as far as Mt Cook and Mt Tasman!


Cruise & Rainforest Walk

Explore our incredible hand crafted rainforest trail!  Enjoy the same route as our Scenic Cruises across Lake Mapourika, where the landscape photography opportunities are endless.  Once having reached the far shoreline Dale parks the boat up at the beach where our exclusive trail begins.

white heron in trees people walking in the rainforest on Lake Mapourika

Along the track enjoy the regions Jurassic-era rainforest with tall canopy trees of Rimu and Kahikatea.  There’s an abundance of lush undergrowth and signs of rare kiwi birds that inhabit the region.  Spot the curious native birds as you walk towards the scenic lookout we call the “Flax Cafe”.  This is where you’ll enjoy the view with a fresh cup of tea or coffee.

family on walk

The history of our rainforest trail…

Back when our company was formed (in 2013) we were a solely water based kayak tour company.   From the start Dale and I had the vision of creating this unique track through the forests and conservation area of Lake Mapourika.  After some discussions with our local Department of Conservation team, we were granted access to the region and were allowed to develop the track.  The trail has been scouted, and hand carved with love by our team.

rainforest on lake mapourika koru, fern frond, on lake mapourika

We have left the track as untouched as possible.  The result is an incredible journey through the Jurassic era rainforest left in a pristine state.  The trail is slightly more dense, and does require a little extra attention as you walk.  We allow time on all our tours to really enjoy the journey through the bush and provide walking poles to those that need it.

bird in tree mountain reflection

If you’d like to know more please get in touch with our friendly team or book online.  We have a 24 hour hassle-free cancellation policy so there’s no need to wait until the last minute!