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Cruise and Rainforest walk – Franz Josef Tours

Cruise and Rainforest walk – Franz Josef Tours

by | Sep 25, 2017

Can you imagine what the first Maori Explorers to the West Coast might have come across and experienced? Neither can I… but if I were to guess I would start by picturing the Old Growth Jurassic Rainforest that covers the Okarito Kiwi sanctuary and state forest!

Here at Franz Josef Tours we can offer you an amazing opportunity to come and experience this truly rugged untamed rainforest while accompanied by a local experienced guide with years of bush experience and knowledge that he loves sharing with all!

The tour starts out with a peaceful scenic cruise around Lake Mapourika with incredible views of Glaciers and a chance to get up close to a variety of our local bird life from White Heron/Kotuku, Black Swans, Scaup, Paradise ducks and much, much more

Once across the Lake you will land on a small beach before setting off through the Rainforest on our purpose built trail. Along the way you will stop and hear about a huge variety of native trees and we are often visited by Fantail and Tomtits swooping down to gobble up the insects that are knocked off trees as we walk through.

This forest is also home to the Rowi Kiwi, the rarest of all kiwi species, although it is unlikely to see the kiwi themselves (they are nocturnal) you will gain a greater understanding of why this bird is so unique and special and why New Zealanders call ourselves Kiwis!

The trail does have a couple of steeper sections with stairs built in and a handline to hold onto to assist those a little less steady on their feet and your guide will assist where needed.

Cruise & Rainforest trail

The trail is approximately 500m in length and once you reach the end you are rewarded with a beautiful view and spot to relax at ‘Flax Cafe’. From here you will have the option of walking back through the trail again or just relaxing and soaking in this truly unspoiled nature while your guide goes and gets the boat before picking you up from the point.

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Complimentary tea and coffee provided.

This is an unforgettable experience and the perfect way to really appreciate to true glory of this place

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