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Unforgettable Fishing Adventures on Lake Mapourika

Unforgettable Fishing Adventures on Lake Mapourika

by | Aug 4, 2023

Unforgettable Fishing Adventures on Lake Mapourika

Welcome to Lake Mapourika, where the arrival of spring marks the anticipation of wild sea-run salmon making their way into the tranquil waters. While the official salmon season begins on October 1st through to March 31st, we enjoy catching smaller lake salmon early on until the arrival of the sea-run salmon late summer.  We’re pretty lucky, during the “off-season” we can still fish for brown trout!  So there’s never a bad time of year to be out on Lake Mapourika.

Trout fishing, Dale and child with fish on lake mapourika sea run salmon caught by a man fishing on lake mapourika

The Thrill of the Catch: Lake Salmon

While the grandeur of the sea-run salmon captures the imagination, don’t overlook the significance of the smaller lake salmon. Often meeting legal size requirements, these feisty fish are perfect for a family barbecue, infusing an element of culinary delight into your fishing escapades. Their abundance is a testament to the lake’s vitality, with the possibility of hooking up to numerous lake salmon on a single outing.

Fresh salmon fillets caught on lake mapourika with Franz Josef Wilderness Tours

Responsible Fishing for Sustainable Enjoyment

Responsible fish handling practices are paramount. The joy of catching a salmon or brown trout is coupled with a commitment to conservation, as we prioritize the return of fish to their natural habitat whenever possible. This ethos underscores the sustainability of our cherished fishing environment, ensuring that future generations can partake in the thrill of angling.

Tailored Fishing Charters for Every Enthusiast

Shared Fishing Charters

Embark on a shared Fishing Charter, a meticulously designed expedition lasting approximately 3 hours.  Our group sizes are small, but you will often be sharing the boat with others. Led by Dale, the owner-operator and skilled skipper, and his team of skilled fishing guides, this journey allows ample time to explore prime fishing locations on the lake. Dale imparts versatile techniques such as harling, trolling, and spinning depending on the target species and conditions on the day. The provision of great equipment, including specialized downriggers for deep-sea angling, ensures an enriching experience tailored to both seasoned anglers and newcomers.

Two smiling customers with a salmon on a fishing charter on lake Mapourika

Fly Fishing on Lake Mapourika

Lake Mapourika offers the perfect calm water to enjoy a spot of fly fishing. While direct fly fishing guiding services are not provided, our fishing tours can provide transport to idyllic creeks and bays suited for fly fishing. Contact us if you’re interested in this option.

Private Charters: Crafting Bespoke Memories 

Elevate your experience with our Private Boat Charter option. Accommodating up to 12 individuals, these charters present the ultimate canvas for customization. Our onboard BBQ facilities set the stage for a good time with friends, family or a special someone. Picture yourself grilling your catch amidst the serene expanse of Lake Mapourika, with a refreshing beverage in hand. The possibility of incorporating activities such as beachside swims or paddleboarding adds to the experience! We will ensure that every moment is tailored to your group’s desires.  We can’t think of a more unique and relaxing way to enjoy Glacier Country!

BBQ and fishing on Lake Mapourika with Franz Josef Wilderness Tours lake mapourika swing and swimming with Private Fishing Charter options

Interested In Fishing On Lake Mapourika?

Get in touch with the team, or view our Fishing Charter options to read more.  Whether you seek information about our tours or are ready to seize the opportunity to fish on Lake Mapourika, we’re here to help or you can book easily online.

For any further information about New Zealand fishing, or fishing licenses and permits please visit Fish & Game NZ.