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Franz Josef Tours Update – Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Tours Update – Franz Josef Glacier

by | Mar 20, 2016

We’ve officially switched onto our relaxed winter season schedule – now running only two Kayak Classic trips per day by dropping our Evening ‘Sunset’ Paddle!  This comes as a bit of a relief to our guides at the end of a long and busy season, but the days are rapidly getting shorter and the evenings becoming cooler!

Franz Josef Tours

A  few weeks ago we had to send off our longest staying staff member: Magic Jonson (aka Jonny).  Lake Mapourika and all of us here will miss him a lot!  He was a great guide, who always gave a great trip!  Here’s a photo of Jonny and another guide Gethin from Wales:

Franz Josef Tours

I’ve recently been doing an inventory of our summer photos, so thought I’d share a few here:

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At this time of year our friendly white Heron’s leave the area, and we count the days until they return next spring!  But that’s okay because paddling on the Lake in the winter is AMAZING.  We experience some of the best reflections of the entire season, and the lake can stay this calm all day long!  The mountains look their best too with more snow, and the lake creates a stunning mist each night allowing us to pull the compass out on our 9 am paddles!

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