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Franz Josef Tours weekly update

Franz Josef Tours weekly update

by | Mar 5, 2016

We have had another great week for the start of Autumn out on the lake! The weather has held out and the wind has stayed away leading to some beautiful calm reflective trips! But we don’t need to tell you how beautiful the lake is on a calm sunny, day because you already know…

We want to tell about how amazing Lake Mapourika is in the misty drizzle like it is today!

Lake Mapourika

When the cloud sinks down onto the lake it feels like you are paddling back through time into another era…

You start to imagine what it must have been like back during the Jurassic period and half expect to see a dinosaur grazing on the side of the lake, or a Haast Eagle swooping down to pluck an unsuspecting paddler from their boat

Lake Mapourika misty kayaking

All we are trying to say is that the Lake Mapourika is a beautiful and magical place to go and explore and if you let your imagination play a little you can be in for an exciting time!

Kayaking west coast

Book your kayak trip TODAY to come and experience Lake Mapourika at it’s magical best!