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Glaciers, rainbows, and fresh snow!

Glaciers, rainbows, and fresh snow!

by | Aug 8, 2014

This weeks weather has been a mixed bag of sunshine, warmer weather, rain, and fresh snow! Today there is a winter chill in the air but the Glaciers have been loaded with a fresh dumping of white powder from yesterdays showers .. and the sun is shining! Read on to see some photos of Lake Mapourika in many different moods. The moody clouds created by misty rain, rainbows and some crisp clear winter shots!


We started the week out with lots of first time paddlers that just wanted to give it a try! We shortened one trip for a family on a tight schedule, and our guides can always take the ‘odd one out’ in a double kayak. Here’s a couple of shots of the shortened (2Hr) Family tour, on a misty afternoon:

DSC_0087 DSC_0098

This was another group of first time kayakers, we took a different route than usual to keep the paddling distance to a minimum. But look at the amazing views that you can still achieve, without having to paddle very far at all!


And of course, I promised rainbows… We started out with a bit of drizzle on a 2pm tour, and ended up with the most magical sunset and a rainbow over the Franz Josef Glacier Valley! Look closely to see if you can spot it:


That’s it for now, hope to have some more beautiful images to show you next week:)