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Kayak or Stand-up Paddle with White Herons on Lake Mapourika

Kayak or Stand-up Paddle with White Herons on Lake Mapourika

by | Dec 30, 2019

Summertime in Glacier Country isn’t all about Glaciers!  Experience a break away from the crowds and find some peace and quiet on the far shoreline of Lake Mapourika.  We offer multiple ways to get there, by kayak or stand-up paddleboard or even by boat with Franz Josef Tours.

On a paddle with us, you will certainly learn about the regions Glaciers.  Lake Mapourika was created during one of the Franz Josef Glacier’s retreat cycles some 14,000 years ago.  However, we endeavor to show all our clients what we think makes the West Coast truly magical and it may not be what you think!  Follow us on a paddle through untouched rainforest with a kahihatea canopy and some amazing native birdlife.  Visit the winding freshwater estuary of the Okarito Kiwi Sanctuary while you learn about the conservation of the rarest Kiwi species in New Zealand, the Rowi.  A great activity for all ages during these summer holidays!

White Herons (Kotuku)

We’re currently spotting one of our favorite birds on a daily basis!  The White Heron, also known as the Kotuku in Maori, has gained an almost mythical status in New Zealand.  It’s said to bring good luck to spot a White Heron, and to be compared to one is regarded as a great compliment.   White Heron’s are a rare sight in New Zealand, but we’re lucky to be located near the only breeding site in the country!  We spot them on Lake Mapourika as they feed on eels and small fish around the shoreline.

This lucky Heron caught lunch on the run:

Our groups and the Herons seem to co-exist quite well!   These elegant birds aren’t shy at all around our groups…