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Lake Mapourika on a moody west coast day – Franz Josef Tours

Lake Mapourika on a moody west coast day – Franz Josef Tours

by | Jan 29, 2016

Yesterday, while Franz Josef Tours was out catching salmon … our guide Jonny took out a fabulous morning trip in the perfect drizzly day conditions.  Here’s the photos from his trip which depicts Lake Mapourika at it’s finest on a calm moody morning.

Moody lake - Franz Josef Tours

A small group took off from the Jetty (sitting only just underwater now!) into a misty wonderland!  Beautiful reflections were had on the way across, and in the Kiwi Sanctuary as always …

reflections - Franz Josef Tours Rainforest - Franz Josef Tours

The lake is pretty high at the moment, which makes for new and unusual kayak routes.  This photo below is the group paddling through a rainforest shrub called “Kiki” which generally grows up like a vine over the tallest canopy trees.  These guys got to paddle through it!

Kiki - Franz Josef Tours

And they also spotted some long finned eels feeding along the shoreline!

Eel spotting - Franz Josef Tours

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