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Lake Mapourika’s Warm Water!

Lake Mapourika’s Warm Water!

by | Feb 4, 2019

When you first hear the words “glacial lake” you think cold! But Lake Mapourika is slightly different, it is a kettle lake- formed by the glacier; but no longer feed by the glacier therefore it is a lot warmer. Being surrounded by such a dense rain- forest, Lake Mapourika has black water. This black water is caused by the tannin’s from the surrounding rain- forest dyeing the water. This process is often described to be similar to that of making a cup of tea.The black water heats up quickly in the sun and is often a balmy 20 degrees Celsius in temperate.

During the Kayak and Walk tour there is plenty of time at the peninsula to enjoy a dip in the lake. On the return from the Kayak Classic tour leap off the Jetty and have a paddle around the bay. The Sunset Classic tour will give you a chance to dive off your Kayak on the far side of the lake! Your guide will be their with a camera in hand ready to capture the perfect action shot.

It’s not often that you can enjoy a swim in a warm lake while looking at snow- capped peaks.

Make the most of the views but watch out for those long finned eels lurking beneath you….