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Salmon Season – Franz Josef Tours

Salmon Season – Franz Josef Tours

by | Jan 23, 2016

We’ve had an exciting week on Lake Mapourika …  We’ve managed to land the first two good sized Quinnat salmon of the season!  Read on to find out more …


Aside from all the fishing excitement, the lake’s been absolutely stunning!  Calm and reflective all day long and with beautiful misty clouds.  We’ve even had glacier views on the drizzly days!  Here’s a few snaps from our photo shoot:

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Dale has caught 2 Quinnat Salmon over the last 3 days, that’s pretty good going!  The first was caught midday when we were out on our photo shoot.  We nearly didn’t pack the fishing rods – but we’re so glad we did!  Here it is, weighing 8 pounds:


The second was caught last night, between 7-8 pm … slightly smaller but still weighing a good 6.5 pounds!  The salmon are running folks!

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It’s still early in the salmon, so it’s a good sign to be catching already!  The season runs through until the 31st of March … BOOK YOUR CHARTER TODAY !