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Seasons greetings from Franz Josef Tours!

Seasons greetings from Franz Josef Tours!

by | Dec 26, 2015

Merry Christmas from all the crew here at Glacier kayaks, the sun is finally here, the lake is warming up and our friend Heronson  is back on the lake, this year he’s accompanied by his family!

The white Herons are feeding around the lake edges by the stream that heads up into the kiwi sanctuary.


The photo above is a great picture taken by our Guide (Colin) on Christmas morning, according to the Maori legend it is really good luck to see a Kotuku.

The herons are a great addition to our trips, as they seem to be completely accustomed to the kayaks!  They sit and greet us before we enter into the Kiwi Sanctuary on our trips.

We have an awesome crew of guides this season, and we’ve all been enjoyed the Christmas spirit, Santa hats and all!

This photo below is our guide Jonny sharing a flax flower delicacy with one of our guests, and Lawrance’s pup!34

Merry Christmas and a happy new years!