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Sunset Kayaking!

Sunset Kayaking!

by | Nov 22, 2013

We’ve all been enjoying this beautiful summer weather here on the coast lately, and have hopefully said goodbye to a very wet spring! From now until the end of summer we’re taking out third tour of the day from 5 pm. Check out some of our recent sunset tours on Lake Mapourika…

Glacier kayak sunset in Franz Josef

During most summer afternoons, we experience a gentle sea breeze which ruffles the lakes surface. This makes our afternoon tours a bit more adventurous, but each evening the sea breeze tends to die off. With the sun setting close to 9 o clock now it leaves time for another calm and stunning kayak slot – with an added bonus of watching the sun disappear behind the hills!

Sunset on Lake Mapourika Sunset kayaking on Lake Mapourika

The trip leaves at 5 pm and will return to town at roughly 8:30 pm. Makes it a bit hard for those trying to plan dinner! We will try to make your evening as relaxing as possible so we’ll also throw in a free backpacker meal for the local’s favorite Monsoon Bar and Restaurant!

Sunset on Lake Mapourika

Come along and experience the best way to finish your day in Glacier Country!