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Sunset Tours on Lake Mapourika, West Coast

Sunset Tours on Lake Mapourika, West Coast

by | Oct 22, 2018

Our Sunset Tours are now underway. They depart at 3:30 pm daily and at the end of the month they will begin departing at 5 pm. Our Sunset tours are the perfect option for photographers and those looking for the perfect gram. Paddling in the golden hour is a beautiful way to complete your day in Glacier Country.

Enjoy 2.25 hours of gentle paddling with an unbeatable backdrop of the Southern Alps. Returning to the beach in time to watch the sunset below the hills and the clouds glow pink.

As Summer approaches the lake is warming up and becoming the perfect temperature to take a dip in the water. On the return of your tour as your guides pack up your boats, jump off the Jetty and enjoy a refreshing and hard- earned swim. Try and capture the perfect jump shot!

Allow 3 hours for the round trip.

What is included:

  • Friendly knowledgeable guide
  • Top quality kayak equipment
  • Free photos of you in action

What to bring:

  • A Camera (If You Want Your Own Photos as Well as Our Free Photos)
  • A Water-bottle
  • Sunglasses

The Sunset Classic tours are our most popular so we recommend booking in advance to secure your spot!

Check out some of our awesome snaps from last season’s Sunset Tours.


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