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The Blue Mushroom – Franz Josef Tours News, Franz Josef Glacier

The Blue Mushroom – Franz Josef Tours News, Franz Josef Glacier

by | Mar 11, 2019

The Entoloma Hochstetteri, also more commonly known as the Blue Mushroom is found throughout both New Zealand and India. A great place to spot these mushrooms in NZ is on our Kayak & Walk track through the rain-forest and kiwi sanctuary!   Keep your eyes peeled and you might see this mushroom growing amongst the rain-forest floor.  The Blue Mushroom is hard to miss with it’s brilliant blue pigment.

The Blue Mushroom is known as a gill fungi, which are thought to be the largest group of fungi in New Zealand.

The Maori name for the blue mushroom is Werewere-kōkako. It was named this as the color is similar to the blue wattle of the kokako bird.

The edibility of these mushrooms is currently unknown… and as of yet none of us have been willing to try them!

Fun fact; you can also spot this mushroom at the bottom corner of the New Zealand $50 note!

Our kayak guides are really talented and they double as great wildlife photographers!  All of the pictures featured here were taken by a guide on one of our Kayak & Walk (4Hr) Tours.  After each tour you’ll receive an email from us, with lots of great shots from your trip.  These pictures arrive is high quality files that you can download and keep forever.  And yes, they’re completely free of charge!

The guides will ensure they get multiple pictures of yourself and your friends as well some scenery and wildlife.  If you’re thinking of booking a tour, it’s really easy to do online HERE.

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