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Some wild west coast weather!

Some wild west coast weather!

by | Sep 22, 2013

So if you’re currently in the country you will probably be aware of the wild spring weather we’ve been experiencing here lately. Heavy rain, high wind and the road closure on Highway 6. Unfortunately for us this road is the only passage up and down the west coast, and has left some people stranded or for the keeners – with a long drive ahead of them.

In any case it seems to be that most people might think this is unusual, but really the coast experiences this type of weather pattern most years during spring time. So should you still come visit in the rain?

In Franz Josef, and Fox Glacier we are lucky enough to be home two of the three most unique glaciers on the planet. Glaciers which descend from an alpine environment – right into a temperate rainforest! The only other glacier which changes climate zones like this is the Perito Mereno Glacier in Southern Argentina. So infact, this is a REALLY spectacular place to visit and something to tick of the ‘bucket-list’. Throw on a rain coat, and come experience what you’re in New Zealand to do! We’re renowned here for adventure aren’t we?

While planning your visit to the west coast of New Zealand, a rain coat should definitely be in the suitcase. We wouldn’t have the astounding amount of glaciers that we do without the substantial amount of rain we receive. Franz Josef Village receives and annual rainfall of around 5 meters (sometimes even a bit more!), and this means there is A LOT of snow falling on the tops of the mountains. To put it simply – the snow collects up there, and in some regions it will compact into hard glacial ice creating… a glacier!

Believe it or not, this last week we’ve had some absolutely awesome kayaking trips out on the lake. Lake Mapourika doesn’t receive the same heavy rainfall that town does as we sit further away from the Southern Alps than the township. Misty clouds sweep across the mountains and the lake sits calm and placid amongst the rainforest. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a few photos from out trips over the last couple of wet and rainy days: